The Foundation of Faith

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The Foundation of faith is Recognition of the Creator

Allah, the only time I can come to You is to seek forgiveness from you for the shortcomings in my duties or wrong-doing in my ignorance. Otherwise how could I be other than thankful to You that my words belong to You, my expression was provided by You and my time thinking belongs to You. The words are too weak to express my admiration and thankfulness and the heart is too limited to demonstrate my love. My words, my feelings and my expression was given to me by You. Then what is left of me to give You except to bring my shortcomings to Your attention, and ask You to forgive me.

In every breath that I inhale and exhale, there is life and grace from You, Allah. And each blessing and grace of Yours, thankfulness is needed. Then from whose hands and words is it possible to return the favor. It was because of You that I recognized You and You are the reason that I exist. And Allah if You did not exist, we would not have been looking for You. You brought me to life and I will search for You as long as I live.

Without the recognition of our Creator (Allah), we have no one to guide us as “Rabb” () – Guide, no one to belong to as in the word of “Malik” () – owner, no one to obey or worship as the meaning of “Elah” () – God or the Protector, to turn to. But the recognition of the Creator brought us to ‘self-evaluation.” We recognized that He gave us life by mneans of food, water, aire, day, night, seasons, lunar movement and its perfection that depends on the perfection of the movement of the rest of the universe. Our food is from the dust that is converted to something eatable. The dust received rain, sun, moon, day and night and all the elements that cause the perfection of the lunar movement. The earth, after receiving the necessary needs, gives life to plants, trees and earthly growth and to us to live off of them. It is dust that is converted to our food as wheat, then bread. It is dust that converts to an apple to be eatable for humans and it is dust that is converted to hay eatable for animals and so it is dust that man comes from and it is dust that we will return to. “We have created you from dust.” Was it the earth that our food grew out of it? Was it the rain that made the plants grow? Was it the sun that gave it light to grow? Was it the moon that helped the growth of the plants? Was it the night and day that brought life to any living thing? Was it the seasons? Was it the perfection if the lunar movement? Was it not the complete and perfect movement of the universe that caused our food to grow and my life because of it? Then who is the Controller of all of these…Who…? Wherever I turn, I see His sign and whatever I see, His name is in it. Man will reach to a point that he sees nothing but Allah. Every step he takes is for Allah, his being is for Allah and his death is for Allah and he will be with Allah in the day of hereafter. One comes to Allah’s recognition that the perfection of the lunar system is because of the performance of every planet in the universe and their obedience to their creator. Without a controller this harmony and coexistence would not exist. Who is the controller and ruler of this perfection but Allah? By this recognition, one claims “there is no deity but Allah.”

The proclamation of “La Ilaha Illallah” () there is no deity but Allah, brings you into Islam (submission). The question of who is my creator brings us to why am I created and what are our duties? Then the aim of man during his earthly life is questioned. Am I here to live comfortably, eat, have sex and then die? What is the difference between man and animal? Man is different from all the other creatures. Other creations do not have a choice. They must follow their natural course without any sense of developing or moving toward a better and more meaningful life. The trees must shed their leaves in the fall; they have no choice. The birds must migrate; they have no choice. They planets, stars, suns, moons must revolve; they have no choice. Only man has the choice to follow his Creator or to rebel against Him. He is the only creature to move against his own will and yet learn from his mistakes. By his choice, he elevates himself from the lowest of the low to the highest position in the creation. No sense of unjustness and foolishness exists within the nature of the trees, mountains, rivers, animals; but it is human that acts unjustly and foolishly and learns by his actions upon his recognition and the sense of repenting (). In fact this is the way man develops and moves ahead to Allah’s recognition and self-evaluation.

On the beginning of recognition, Adam (A.S.) became fooled by evil then he learned from his mistakes and developed himself to the better understanding and asked Allah for forgiveness or () repenting or returning to Allah’s path as in Sura II, Aya 37:

“Then Adam received (some) words from his Guide () so he turned to Him mercifully, surely He is oft-returning (in mercy) the Merciful.”