Meaning of Islam

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Masjid in Malacca Island, Malaysia Masjeed in Malacca Island, Malaysia


Masjid in Malacca Island, Malaysia (click to enlarge)


Islam is not a religion, it's a way of life.  The word "Islam" literally stems from the root "s-l-m" and the words "silm" and "salamah" which mean peace, and which indicate the "submission" or 'surrender" of oneself to God Almighty, being obedient to His commands, embarking on a safe and secure path that leads to salvation, promising a sense of trust to everyone and everything, while also denoting the fact that the person surrendering will not inflict any harm on others, be it physical or verbal.


The basis of Islam is "iman" and "iz'an", that is, faith, and conscious obedience. The fruits of Islam are "ihsan" (blessings) and "ihklas" (sincerity), that is acting or living as if seeing God, and doing everything only for the sake of God Almighty. The concept of Islam can be briefly summarized as the unconditional and doubtless belief of the "Tawhid", the Unity of God, and His divine Existence, and the submission of the self to Him. Also included in this, are the performance of every act and the responsibility of acting as if one sees Him, and is observed by Him, and doing everything only for His sake. A person who acts according to these or to similar descriptions is called a "Muslim" (not an Islamist). Such a person is accepted as a candidate to eternal prosperity.