Sunday School

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Sunday School Mission Statement


"Read the Quran, understand the Quran, and act upon what you learn from the Quran"

Sunday School Program in Session

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Please join us at our Islamic Studies and Quran program taught from our highly qualified teachers.  The structured program offers our students a great education to learn the Quran in a Islamic environment.  Periodically, parents assess the program and provide insight to make things better.



We strongly recommend that students should be registered on or before the first Sunday of September; however, the registration remains open all year round.  Upon registration, student will be assessed to determine which level to begin with.


You may download the registration form here or pick-up the form in person at the Masjid.


Age Requirement

Minimum age requirement is 5.  Children below the age of 5 can sit in the children class (level 1), however they must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian at all times.   We highly encourage parents and teenagers to attend the school.



Basic tuition is 20$ per month per child.  Monthly payments are made on the first Sunday of each month.  Tuition fees may be adjusted based on family income.  We are very flexible and it is our duty to teach our upcoming leaders of the ummah.



Every June, students will participate in a graduation ceremony.  During the school year, students may transfer to a new level based on their progress.  This is common, as some students tend to progress very fast.  The decision is typically based on the student's preference.


School Closing

School is open year round.   If an Islamic holiday falls on a Sunday the school will be closed. School may be closed due to inclement weather.  If weather is bad, please call the school to verify school closing.



The following levels of Quranic Studies are taught:

Level 1 - Recognize and learn the Arabic alphabet by games and drawing (students under 5 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian)


Level 2 - Introduction of vowels and merging letters of the alphabet

Level 3 - Combining letters and vowels, reading individual words and short sentences

Level 4 - Expand the flow and connectivity, begin to master reading the Quran

Level 5 - Master the fluency of reading the Quran, understand the lessons taught therein, act upon what is learned


Daily Agenda

11:00AM Classes Start

Lunch (Hot Pizza and Snacks)

Salat (Followed up with lecture on Islamic behavior [Akhlaq])

Class Follow Up

1:30PM School Ends