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Muslim Cemetery and Burial Services Provided by Manassas Mosque

We all need our final home prepared to bridge the life of hereafter.

Manassas Mosque is offering a special Burial Package

  • Grave Site (Plot) located in the Prophet's Garden Muslim Cemetery in Manassas, Va

  • Opening and Closing of Grave Site

  • Valt (Lahad)

Call today for more details and up-to-date rates: 703-257-5537

Manassas Mosque offers Ghusl (Ritual Bath) and Kafan (Shrouding) of the deceased for burial based on the proper Islamic rulings. As well as, contact a licensed funeral house to receive the deceased persons from the hospital according to the local government laws. One thing that man forgets despite being reminded repeatedly is death. Allah (S) has said in the Holy Qur'an:

"Every soul shall taste death" (Al-i-Imran, 3:185 )

One should try to keep in mind the fact that his or her life may come to an end at any time, sometimes without warning. We have seen young and old die before us, and consequently it is important that we should be well prepared to leave this world at all times. Everyone tries to ensure that their journey through life is pleasant, by working hard to provide for themselves and their family as many worldly comforts as possible. Surprisingly, very few of the same people spare a thought to acquiring the comforts of the hereafter. The span of our lives in this world is a blink of the eye compared to the length of the next life and only a very thoughtless person will not work tirelessly to make provisions for that life. An example is given to illustrate this fact.

Consider why you go to school and to higher education. You go to obtain enough knowledge and skills so that you may be able to earn your livelihood. The harder you work at your studies, the better your prospects. Similarly, you are in this world to perform the actions that will determine your status in the next world, and you must work hard.

You do your homework and observe school rules so that your stay in school is comfortable, but your aim is always to pass the final exams. Similarly, you acquire knowledge and wealth to make your stay in this world comfortable, but your aim has to be to obtain Allah's pleasure and reward.


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Prophet's Garden Muslim Cemetery is located inside of Stonewall Memory Gardens, Inc.

(near Bull Run Battlefield)

Address: 12004 Lee Hwy Manassas, VA 20109-2010


For more details call or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
12950 Center Entrance Ct. Manassas, VA 20109 Tel: (703) 257-5537 Fax: (703) 361-1716